Our core features give you all the tools to understand your users.

Site Analytics

All the details you will need to know how your traffic is looking and evolving. View top pages + countries, Top Referrers, UTM’s, Devices, OS, Browsers..etc

Visitor Insights

Understanding and evaluating your visitor’s behaviour and repeated actions. View and get details of all your visitors, Analyze all their past sessions, and identify their trends on your site.

Session Replays

Analyze the visitor journey throughout your site in a session recording. High-quality video replay sessions allow you to visualize user journey as they navigate your site.

Site Heatmaps

Get to understand where your users are clicking and identify areas of opportunity for your visitors. Desktop, tablet & mobile heatmaps also get recorded.


Create teams that have access to whatever websites you add to your dashboard! All plans come with unlimited team members. Choose which accounts they have access to.

Secure Data

In addition to our secure site, you can also enable 2-factor authentication with the authenticator app to add an additional layer of security.

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