Analytics are super important to understand the traffic that comes to your website. We take a look at a few pointers within the analytics of your site.

  • Page views, Sessions + Visitors
  • Referrers by source
  • Referrers by Region
  • Screen Resolutions
  • Browser Language
  • Browser Type
  • UTMs by Source, Campaign and Medium
  • Filter your results
  • Search a specific date or range of dates.

Dark/Light mode


Get real-time view of your visitors on your site.


See how your visitors interact on your homepage with clicks heatmaps.

Visitor Events

See everything your visitors do! From what pages they view, to the length of their session.

Session Recordings

Session replays are the most convenient way to easily check what a visitor did and their journey throughout the site. Your session replays allow you to skip inactive moments on the site, speed up or slow down, replay duration, and start/end time of the tracked data.

More Features


Create teams that have access to whatever websites you add to your dashboard! All plans come with unlimited team members. Choose which accounts they have access to.


Coming soon to Go Analyze – Influencer Marketing! All-inclusive of all packages. Search Instagram for influencers who would best fit your needs based on your website analytics!

Easy Install

Our code is super easy to install! Just simply paste your pixel code right in the header tag of your website. Need help? We have a special account manager who can help you do this!

Email Reports

Get reports of your analytics emailed right to you! You can enable or disable this in your settings. But also, you can sit back and not have to pull any reporting! It all comes right to you.


Our data is not only secure, but we never sell it. Ever. In addition to this, you can enable two-factor authentication through the authenticator app! No one can access your content but you.

Track Events

Session events are really useful information to understand what a user is doing on your site. It tracks their every move and logs who they are! You can see where they are, ip address and more.

Getting started is easy! Sign up today, add your code to your site and start tracking!