Customers are subjects that purchase goods and services to satisfy their needs. Customer behaviour derives from the decision whether, what, when, where and how to purchase goods and services. Therefore, marketing is primarily interested in the behavior of the subject as a customer. Organizations today face major challenges in addressing their data and exploit their knowledge, and strive to support their knowledge base continuously in order to use this knowledge in their interactions with the environment in which they operate in all its components. The importance of this research stems from the importance of the customer to the institutions, which makes it the goal and means of survival and continuity of the institutions and achieve excellence in the field of business. Customer satisfaction may relate to a particular feature or characteristic of a product or service, or alternatively it may relate to the product/service as a whole, hence that is why today’s customer service involves much more than a conversation on the phone. Web, email, chat, and social media are now very important channels for customers. Still, many customers prefer to contact companies with just a phone call. 

Customer satisfaction results can help to present the current standing of customer satisfaction as well as to identify important customer requirements. Considering all that you must know how your customer service can play a vital role in satisfying them. You need to polish those customer service skills by: simply providing customer support on the phone, such as empathy, the ability to understand a customer’s emotional state, social graces, communication mindset, and frankness remain important, but additional skills for the newer channels need to be developed to make these channels equally or more viable choices for customers.

Try matching customers’ tone and emotion. Reflecting back doesn’t mean to yell if a customer is yelling at you. Whereas your interaction at the start with an initial increase in volume or intensity might help them understand and communicate well. You can approach them using your own voice to communicate your message well. You can reflect the company’s persona and philosophy in your own likely way. Remember acknowledging is one of the keys so do acknowledge, make them realize that you are aware of their tweet, Facebook post, etc. Get in touch with commenters as quickly as possible and avoid responding to baiting, or obvious attempts to pull you into a pointless altercation in a public space.

No matter what channel you use either phone log to assist or social mediums to communicate with your customers, always close the loop by letting them every step of the process. 

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