Every other online business community wants everyone visiting your landing page to turn into a customer, sign-up, or lead. To bring in your attention its been observed that the companies with 30 to 40 landing pages get 7 times more leads than those with only 1 to 5 landing pages. If you’re the one looking for optimized opportunities to increase landing page conversion rate then you’re on the right page. 

  1. Adding value:

It quite important to take a moment to reflect on what value you’re giving away, why people should care, and ask if it’s worth the amount of information you’re requesting in your form. Value could be anything from webinars and eBooks to checklists, tell them how your product/service benefits their lives. Let them make the choice to scroll further to find out more about you as a business, but consider that regardless of the value on offer, make sure it speaks to a specific type of person so that they are insisted to stay on landing pages around that.

  • Built in trust with your visitors:

It’s not as difficult as it seems to build up trust with your visitors/customers, you can allow them to have one by simply 

  • Adding additional contact info
  • Offering a money-back guarantee
  • A self-portrait/picture so as to show that you believe in trust
  • Directing CTA’s to appropriate landing pages:

You should be aware that CTA and landing page copy need to convey the same message and value. Your CTAshould direct visitors, telling them what to do and what they will get. Try using action words like download, request, and click here. Make it stand out from the rest of the page, also add a sense of instant gratification.

  • Remove all distractions/make it user friendly:

Never forget to go for as few distractions as possible. You want to get straight to the point without leaving too much room for your attention to be grabbed away from what the goal is of your landing page. Do pay big attention to your sign-up forms mobile experience as they could play a decisive role in improving your conversion rate.

  • You should know important psychological principles:

Know the mental model of your audience which has been built from experiences and expectations of the real world. Try releasing a cognitive load of your audience as bombarding users with a ton of information will ultimately affect their performance

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