Diagnosing changes in your website’s conversion rate is very important in the emerging complex data industry. There can be multiple factors that might be responsible for your lower conversion rate, here listed below are five major reasons:

  1. You don’t have the right targeted audience:

It is important to understand who are the people that use your product, what are their demographics, what is their behavior, where they spend the most time, and how they communicate. If you fail to clearly specify who your users are, you won’t be able to authentically connect with them resulting in losing potential customers.

For defining the target audience in order to discuss it with your client and calibrate the right design strategy, user age, and gender might help to determine what language to use and what tone to take.

  1. Unimproved UX and user-friendly website:

You must keep the fact in mind that more than half of your audience is accessing you through their cellphones, you need to generate a much more effective user-friendly specifically mobile-friendly system. You need special marketing strategies and a mobile-optimized eCommerce site to attract and retain customers no matter where they’re browsing or buying.

  1. Change of traffic source or tracking issues:

If you feel like your conversion rate seems unnatural, taking 5 minutes to ensure your tracking is installed properly can save you hours trying to explain why the conversion rate dropped 50% overnight. You need to check on your traffic sources too, they might switch on and off, badly affecting your conversion rates.

  1. You don’t have retargeting/remarketing strategies:

Remarketing plays an important role in any eCommerce conversion process to get the attention of people who come to your site and leave without completing a purchase. You can use this strategy by making offers to people who’ve been to your site before or also by personalizing the popups to boost sales.

  1. Other issues (external factors):

Some external factors might be competition in the market, taking customers’ attention away from your offers. Monitor your competitors to hold on to your conversion loss. Another can be some poor CTA, which lets users’ attention go MIA. Get the design and color right, so people can actually see it for if they understand your CTA, it’s easier for them to take action.

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