This specially designed platform works well to site data checks, visitor insights, and session replays. It will give you all the detail of all the details you will need to know how your traffic is looking and evolving, understanding and evaluating your visitor’s behavior and repeated actions and analyzing the visitor journey throughout your site.

It will also let you understand where your users are clicking and cold zones. Allow you with a feature Data owned by you with which all the tracked data will be fully owned by you and stored on your servers. And an added new feature of influencer marketing will allow you to keep yourself updated to all the new influencers in town on the Instagram and ticktock platform.

Facebook insights:

World’s trending sites i.e. Facebook, Instagram & Twitter provides you with insights to grow your business accounts.

For instance, using Facebook for any part of your business, Facebook insights is the simplest free offering from Mark Zuckerberg’s team in terms of analytics. It provides very detailed information about your follower counts, likes, comments on posts, and more. It can provide invaluable information on your likes, follower counts, comments, and many other data points and help you increase user engagement by giving you the tools you need to determine what is and what isn’t working.


It is another tool for businesses that are actively publishing content on their website. It looks at users’ behavior and how people interact with the content and shows real-time visitors on any page of the website. Featuring a real-time analytics dashboard provides new insights into which pieces of content are resonating well with your audience. Their tools will help you generate metrics that will monitor real-time data on visitor engagement in real-time.

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